Sunday, December 2, 2012


*Every minute that ticks away, is a moment closer to my Destiny-[NBA]. During your life never stop dreaming. No one can take away your dreams, never surrender, never let up.*

“Maybe it's my fault.
Maybe I led you to believe it was easy when it wasn't.
Maybe made you think my highlights started at the free throw line, and not in the gym.
Maybe I made you think that every shot I took was a game winner.
That my game was built on flash, and not fire.
Maybe it's my fault that that you didn't see that failure gave me strength;
that my pain gave my motivation.
Maybe I led you to believe that basketball was a God given gift, and not something I worked for... every single day of my life.
Maybe I destroyed the game.
Or maybe... you’re just making excuses.”
-- Michael Jordan


Name: Andrew R. Jimenez
Address: 130-A Ventura Street
Santa Paula, CA 93060
Phone Number: 805-746-1035
Alternate Number: 805-746-1204
DOB: 6-21-91

High School: Santa Paula Union High School 2005-2009
College: California State University Bakersfield 2009-2013
Major: Communications
Minor: Physical Education and Kinesiology  
Degree: B.A.
NCAA Clearinghouse: Yes
GPA: 3.3

Sport: Basketball
Position: G/F
Height: 6’4
Weight: 195
Numbers: #27, #20, #2
Experience: 18 years

First Aid/CPR/AED Certified
CPR Certified EMS Safety Services
ASEP Certified Coach
Developed Online Radio Station 
Excellent Communication Skills
Ability to learn quickly
Team Player
Mindset of a leader  
Top 5 in Radio Networks 2010/2011
Dean’s List Fall & Winter Semester CSUB 2011/2012/2013
Official Published Author in Poetry 2012/2013
Declared into the honors society 
1st place in Neighborhood Olympics 

Ray Cardova

Greg Yzaguirre

Danny Guzman

Former NBA Player Cory Arnett 

Athletic Career Experience and Awards
*      1996- Present- Humble yet Vivid Basketball Athlete understanding, passion, & knowledgeable.
*      2000- 1st in O.I.N. Olympics
*      2001- Free Throw Champion  
*      2001- 3pt Champion
*      2002-2004- 3x Black Top Champions
*      2002-2003, 2005-2006, 2008- 5x Rec Champions
*      2005-2009- 5x Sportsmanship Award
*      2005-2009- 5x All 1st Team
*      2006-2009- 4x Achievement Award
*      2007- All Defense 2nd Team
*      2007- Las Vegas Top 50 Teams
*      2007- Las Vegas Honorable Mention 
*      2007- 3x Anaheim Sports Center Champions
*      2007- 2x Anaheim Sports Center Runner-Ups 
*      2007- Oxnard Battle by The Coast Champions
*      2007- San Luis Obispo Co-Champions
*      2008- University of Santa Barbra Champions
*      2008- Carpentaria Co-Champions   
*      2008- Ventura Rec Champions
*      2008- Leading League Rebounder 9.9pg
*      2008- Most Improved Award
*      2008- Most Points In a Game 47
*      2008- Co-Captain
*      2008-2009- 2x All Defense-1st Team
*      2008- All 2nd Team
*      2009- Azusa Pacific University Co-Champions
*      2009- Pacifica Clash of The Titans Runner-Ups
*      2009- Coaches Award
*      2009- Team Captain
*      2009- All Around Player Award
*      2009- City of Santa Paula Athletic Award
*      2009- Ventura County’s Top 40 Athletes
*      2011- Assistant Varsity Coach Santa Paula
*      2011- NBA Development League ideal athlete Los Angeles
*      2011- NBA Development League ideal athlete Bakersfield
*      2012- NBA Development League ideal athlete Los Angeles
*      2012- NBA Development League Bakersfield Jam
*      2013- California State University Bakersfield Basketball Champions
*      2013- Team Co-Captain
*      2013- Led the league in double-doubles with points and assists-
  as well as steals, free-throws, and field goal %
*      2013- 1World Sports Club NBA Free-Agent Invitational
*      2013- UCSB Kobe Bryant Basketball Camp
*      2013- Most Efficient Player Award & Finals Co-MVP 
*      2013- NBA Summer Pro League
*      2013- LNBP Soles de Mexicali
*      2014- ABA San Diego Surf


To Whom It May Concern: 

I am writing this letter of recommendation on behalf of Andy Jimenez. First of all I want to make it known that not only is Andy a remarkable athlete, but he is also an excellent student and an even better human being. He manages his time in a professional manner always on time for practice/games and also maintains a 3.3 grade point average. However, above all else he would love to have the chance to play basketball at the NBA level. I have had the opportunity to coach Andy for three seasons, and in that time he has learned how to be an extraordinary leader along with his superb work ethic, he consistently puts one hundred and ten percent of himself into practices, games, schooling, and contributing with local communities. With his skill level as high as it is he has carried the load and led our team to two undefeated seasons, three playoff appearances and two championships. Andy is the type of player that will want the ball when the game is on the line, he shows great determination and poise when the pressure is on. He has also assisted me in shaping new and upcoming players passing on his knowledge and know-how of the game, but what stands out the most is his mental toughness and passion. 
Andy’s mental toughness is truly optimistic, intelligent, and potent even at the darkest moments, it still outshines the situations making his teammates and peers feed off his positive energy.You will not come across another athlete as passionate about the game of basketball as Andy is. His love for the game is off the charts, he eats, sleeps, and breathes basketball. He’s always finding new ways to improve his overall game. Andy is the one of the most versatile athletes I’ve ever witnessed and once you add that with his passion, dedication, experience, cleverness, and respectfulness you’re formulating a recipe of success. This young man is the type of athlete any coach would love to have on his/her team, or should I say be privileged to have on his/her team. He has mastered the forward position, but is not only limited to that. He is willing to play any position on the court and will do very well at wherever he plays, he will not let up and he always tries his hardest, what else can a coach ask for.

Greg Yzaguirre
Assistant Coordinator 
Former NBA Player Cory Arnett